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There’s No Place Like Home (Fiona Pan)

The 2023-2024 lacrosse season at Cate School has been nothing short of a whirlwind. The Girl’s Varsity lacrosse team, led by captains Riley Pan ‘24, Shannon Murray ‘24, and Sophie Alijani ‘24, finished off their regular season with a record of 9-5 and went on to win their first two CIF playoff games against Milikan and Laguna Beach. The Boy’s Varsity lacrosse team is led by their senior captains Kristian Scurtis ‘24, Burak Yanar ‘24, and Cody Mast ‘25. Unfortunately, their season ended in their first playoff game against Canyon High School. They finished the regular season with a record of 7-3 and will send off their seniors with a fantastic run. These two teams have created strong bonds together on and off the field, but if anyone can catch one of their games, their hard work and dedication to lacrosse are evident through their body language and passion. 

This past year, the Girls Varsity Lacrosse team was coached by Renee Mack, Paul Denison, and their newest coach, Caroline Reitmeyer. With two new goalies, Sanai Edwards ‘25 and Jeeyou Jung ‘25, the Girl’s Varsity team has dominated the season. Sophomore Maia Holmes is the top scorer with fifty-five goals in fourteen games. During their season, the second time they played Dos Pueblos, when the team was in need, Claire Bianchi ‘26 stepped in as goalie and made eight saves. They have gained a few new players who also have been integral to their strong team dynamic. When talking to Lucy Guilbert Neal ‘25 about the meaning of this team to her, she said, “This team is so much more than the sport to me. The coaches, players, fans, and everyone involved in making our season happen make the team what it is. It is the perfect balance of fun and hard work. The team comes together, and we all care so deeply about not only the sport but each other, making practice something I always look forward to.” She proceeded to also talk about how most people do not know the true connection the girls have expressed, “this team is a family. We are all cheering for each other both on and off the field. The culture of the lacrosse team has changed over the last few years I've been on the team, and I think this group of girls has made the team feel the most like a family, which can be seen in how we play together. Throughout the season, their potent attack, prowess on the circle, and aggressiveness on the crease have been their backbone for victories. Unfortunately, their season ended in the CIF semi-finals after dominating the other teams throughout the tournament. They worked extremely hard and were devastated by the loss, but they are clearly not done yet. This Girl’s Lacrosse team will continue dominating the competition on and off the field. 

The Boy’s Varsity Lacrosse team had a great run this season. They had endless wins where they scored unimaginable goals, proving their grit and determination. The word “family” echoes throughout the mesa each time they cheer. Although their season unfortunately ended, they have had great success on the field. Their goalie, Burak Yanar ‘24, has been a strong leader on and off the field, ending their game against Canyon with fourteen saves. In their most recent match against Canyon, they finished off the first half 6-7, but after two more quarters, they unfortunately fell to Canyon, losing 9-11. The leadership on the field has been unmatched, and they finished their game with passion and a deep love for the game of lacrosse. 

Both teams have persisted through the challenges thrown at them, and every day, when walking by the lower and upper fields, the team's work ethic is evident in how they communicate with each other. Maybe it’s the girls counting how many passes they can complete during shuttles or the boys cheering each other on during one-on-ones. These two teams redefine the definition of loving a team. It will be bittersweet to say goodbye to all the seniors who have given so much to the sport, but the rising seniors are ready to continue their legacies. These teams put their heart and soul into every pass, cradle, check, and goal, making the house they built on the field home.


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