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Warriors of the Sea (Jenevive Won '26)

The team of fast, ferocious females that make up Cate School’s Girls Water Polo has come a long way this season. Although they may be one of the smallest teams of the winter season, their strength and speed in the water should not be underestimated.

Over the years, the Girls Water Polo team has struggled to make it to CIF playoffs. This season however, with Coach Jesse Morrison watching over the pool deck, along with captains Caroline Keohane ‘24, Tallulah Bates ‘25, and Ani van Lynde ‘25 leading the team in the water, they were able to build a strong team which allowed them to advance to playoffs after seven long years. 

These are some takeaways from Carmen Lack ‘26 and one of the captains Ani van Lynde ‘25 from the Girls’ Water Polo season this year.

What was your favorite game and why?

Lack: Foothill Tech, [our] second game. Our team dynamic was brought out in the second half when we started off losing 5-3 to end up winning in the end. Our team's communication and skills were put on display and we played good defense. 

What was your favorite thing about this season?

van Lynde: My favorite part was definitely the team. We were closer than ever this year and bonded inside and out of the pool. That chemistry definitely led to some amazing wins but getting to play with all the girls was the biggest highlight.  

What will you miss most about this season?

Lack: I’ll miss the seniors and I liked how the seniors created a welcoming environment and made every practice fun to be at and every game worth winning. 

How would you describe the team environment?

Lack: Encouraging and bonded.

What was the most memorable thing about this season?

Lack: Making connections with the new players along with growing as a team, and the away game in Malibu. 

Van Lynde: As a captain, it was just great to see everyone grow and improve. It was so fun to celebrate together and also go through losses. We made it to the playoffs for the first time in seven years because of everyone's dedication, passion, and love for the team.


The small but remarkable team has worked hard and diligently this season, slowly but surely building back the proud name for the Cate School’s Girl’s Water Polo.  



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