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A Walk Through Winter Formal (Kylee Greene '25)

As students arrive home to the picturesque Mesa after a long, three-week winter break, they anticipate returning to a familiar campus routine overtaken by the gentle glow of the California winter sun. But amidst the excitement of reuniting with friends and classmates, an event on the horizon added an extra spark of enthusiasm to the atmosphere: Winter Formal. Intertwined with the excitement for the Winter Formal were the whispers of tradition and celebration for the impending Lunar New Year, which happened to be this year's theme. The anticipation of the night filled with elegant attire and endless dancing was palpable, merging with the vibrant energy of the cultural festivities.

As the sun began its descent on the awaited night of February 10, casting a golden hue over the Mesa, students gathered on the lush green of Senior Lawn, lining up to capture the first memories of an evening filled with laughter, joy, and celebration. Amidst the clicks of cameras and the flashes of smiles, friends posed in groups, capturing the essence of their first or final years together. Parents beamed with pride as they, too, snapped pictures of their kids to commemorate the night. As the night progressed, students entered the dining hall, which had been transformed into a display for the Lunar New Year. Rich reds and shimmering gold adorned every table, symbolizing luck and prosperity for the year ahead. The room was electric as students took their seats, embracing Cate's unique approach to kicking off the night with a formal dinner. The dining hall came alive with the bustling of conversations and the clinking of glasses. Beloved teachers circulated among the tables, ensuring that everyone was well taken care of and shared cherished moments with their students. The air was filled with warmth and laughter as friendships were celebrated and memories were made.

According to Everest Schipper '24, "the true highlight of the night comes after dinner," when everyone makes their way up to an Upper Booth that has been transformed into a casino. As the DJ took the stage, the room was filled with infectious beats, and the dance floor quickly transformed into a mosh pit of energy and joy. As Nate Newlove '25 said, "The night unfolded into a magical celebration of friendship and community, with music, dancing, and laughter continuously filling the air."

As the Winter Formal '24 celebration draws to a close, it seems fitting to take a moment to reflect on the student experience. For freshman Fiona Pan, it was her first time attending a winter formal at Cate, and she said, "I think the event's organization was great. I enjoyed the dinner with my friends, and dancing in the mosh pit is always fun." Similarly, Sanai Edwards, '25, remarked, "Unexpectedly, the dance was my favorite part. "I always love it when the community comes together joyously, but this Winfo dance took the cake." From the music to the decorations, every aspect added to the experience." And finally, Ani Vanlynde '25 stated what we all were thinking: "The CPO did an amazing job with the decorations." Without them, Winter Formal could not have been possible.


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