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Against all Odds

Mia Groeninger '25


From the moment the election results were announced, student body president, Andy Carranza ‘23, and vice president, Adrian Ordonez ‘23, wasted no time. They immediately got to work, creating video trailers, planning Adrian’s Kickback, and a myriad other activities with the main goal of “reviving the spirit of this place.” Following the pandemic, genuine fun at Cate has become a rarity, so the dedication of Carranza and Ordonez to creating a more fun Cate experience where every student is seen is something to look forward to in the 2023-24 school year.

Prior to their election, neither had attended Senate meetings or thoroughly reviewed the Constitution. They were initially surprised by the amount of work governing would involve. Yet, after a few training sessions and being exposed to how student government really functions, Carranza and Ordonez are prepared for whatever is thrown at them. Together, they recognize that they are capable of true and meaningful change.

When asked what they felt their responsibility was to the Cate community, Carranza responded, “the people.” Clearly devoted to the individuals who make up the community, Carranza and Ordonez emphasized their plans to make do with the system in place. In an effort to provide opportunities to cultivate relationships across the student body, they have begun putting their platform promises into action. One event was Adrian’s Kickback, a laid back BBQ for students to hang out and burn off steam after a stressful week. They also discussed working over the summer to sort students into Hogwarts-style houses as a fun new tradition. Next year, they hope to implement “Lockett’s Hour” in order to foster relationships between the new head of school and students. As mediators between the student and faculty, Carranza and Ordonez know that they can be a “stepping stone” for something new at Cate, an authentic sense of spirit and culture.

Both are open about their histories of struggling with life at Cate, whether that be academically or socially. Still, they are hopeful that next year begins a new chapter where they can be symbols for those with whom the difficulty of belonging resonates and ultimately show students that leadership simply takes a unique and creative mindset. Carranza and Ordonez want to reimagine some of the Cate traditions that they have experienced over the past three years. They are two very approachable people who can relate and are admirable, as they are trying to create a better experience for each community member. When looking back at their tenure as president and vice president, both hope to have brought about facets of positive change. They hope to recall the small, simple things they did that added up to bring a sense of joy to this community and will hopefully continue after they graduate.

Cate’s new leadership hopes that students remember that their “biggest message to the people is that you do not have to be perceived as great to be great. A lot of people were wondering what we would do if we just didn't win, I guess we'll never know.”



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